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Useful Tips On How To Replace Concrete Tiles On Your Roof

Useful Tips On How To Replace Concrete Tiles On Your Roof

Replacing roof tiles which is cracked, broken or has disappeared is a vital step in preventing any roof leaks or ceiling impairments during wet or windy weather conditions. If it’s only a few tiles that need replacing, you can easily do it yourself or you can opt for the professional services too!!

Tips For Replacing Concrete Tiles On Your Roof 

  1. Choose The Right Tile

Make sure you’re choosing the right replacement tile as there are several types of roof tiles available. The most usual tile types are terracotta and concrete tiles. You must ensure that the tile you’re getting is the same kind of tile; otherwise, it may not work and can cause further damage.

Choose The Right Tile

  1.  Get Onto The Roof

Make sure you’re using a stable ladder and maybe climbing ropes for extra protection in case of a slip and fall incident, especially if your roof is slippery or has a steep incline. If you’re afraid of heights or unsure of what to do, then it may be best to call a professional.

  1. Removing The Broken Tile

You need to slightly lift the overlapping tiles which are adjoining the broken tile that needs removing. Do this by using two pieces of timber to keep them up. Lift up the broken tile with a brick trowel over the baton underneath and carefully slide it down and out.

  1. Placing A New Tile

Place the new tile on the brick trowel and reverse the steps that you’ve done to remove the broken tile. Make sure you’re placing the tiles which are overlapping back into position once the new tile is placed. The tile must be securely in place without interfering with surrounding tiles. Unless you live in an area which is prone to high winds, it won’t be necessary to nail or wire the tile into place. Just make sure all tiles are sitting correctly. While you are on the roof, have a quick survey to check how well the roof is holding up and for other potential damage.

Placing A New Tile

Safety Tips

  • Always wear gloves and make us of a roofing ladder that can hook onto the ridge of the roof.
  • Avoid making any unpredictable movements on the ladder to avoid the ladder from slipping or have a friend to hold the ladder on the bottom for you.


Concrete tile roof repairs can be a tricky business. Although tiled roofs are highly durable, they can also incur damages just like any other roof. By avoiding distinctive mistakes, you can ensure that your roof is protected from the harsh elements. When you’re performing a tile roof repair, it is vital that you choose a tile that is exactly the same kind of concrete and color as the one you’re replacing. If you’re not taking these issues into consideration, you may end up with an odd-looking tile among others. Not only will it look aesthetically out of place, but it may also leave your roof exposed in that area which may lead to undesirable issues in the future.

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