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At Concept Concrete WA we deliver a range of concreting services to suit all your concreting needs. We Service all of Perth, Western Australia. From professional concrete driveways in Perth to Concrete Resurfacing, we can do it all.

Below are just some of the services we can offer your home or workplace.


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    Concrete Footings Perth


    Concrete footing is essential in any concrete foundation. Its job is to evenly distribute the weight of your building across an area, and to prevent your structure from sinking into the ground unevenly. Concrete footing allows you to build on most terrains, even if the soil is soft or at a slope. It’s usually used for homes and buildings, but can also be used for other structures like decks, gazebos, and retaining walls.


    If you’re building a large superstructure like a shopping complex or a high-rise skyscraper, you’ll need a much more solid foundation support than most other structures. Concrete piles are used in the construction of buildings with very heavy loads or when the soil is too weak to be able to support the weight of the building on its own. When this is the case, loads need to be transferred to deeper soil layers that can handle the weight through the use of concrete piles.

    Concrete Driveway


    Investing in your driveway is one of the best decisions you can make. A great driveway adds value to your home and helps you stand out from the rest of your neighbors. You have one chance to make a good first impression, and make it last – so set the standard with a fantastic-looking and functional driveway.

    Concrete Formwork


    Formwork is one of the unsung heroes of construction. It’s considered ancillary work, which means that it’s not used in the final building itself, but in the construction of the supports and structures. Solid formwork is one of the most crucial components of a safe and well-constructed building.

    Concrete for garages and sheds


    Maintenance and repair costs can really stack up, which is why concrete makes a great choice for anyone who wants to save money in the long run. It’s cheap and easy to clean concrete, so there’s no need to spend on expensive products or professional cleaning services. It’s also incredibly low-maintenance, and doesn’t require resealing or waxing as much as other construction materials.

    Concrete Pumping Services


    Concrete pumping is relatively new to the construction game. While there have been many attempts at a concrete pump design throughout the 20th century, the first modern concrete pump was introduced in just 1957. Prior to this, construction companies delivered wet cement to construction sites the old-fashioned way: through cement and concrete mixer trucks.

    Concrete Extension


    Adding living space to your home or building doesn’t have to be a large-scale, costly renovation. While you can definitely opt for a home extension, there are much easier ways to get similar results. Consider concrete extensions when you’re planning to redesign your home.


    Rejuvenate and remodel your home today. Concept Concrete can help you with all your residential concreting needs. We are completely hands-on at every stage of the process, from consulting to design and beyond.


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