Concrete Footing

A building is only as good as its foundation. Without a solid foundation, your residential or commercial space is bound to encounter serious problems eventually. One of the ways you can ensure that your structure is safe from sinking or cracking is to invest in quality concrete footing.

Concrete footing is essential in any concrete foundation. Its job is to evenly distribute the weight of your building across an area, and to prevent your structure from sinking into the ground unevenly. Concrete footing allows you to build on most terrains, even if the soil is soft or at a slope. It’s usually used for homes and buildings, but can also be used for other structures like decks, gazebos, and retaining walls.

It’s important not to cut corners on your concrete footing since it will determine how stable and long-lasting your structure is. It’s normal for a house to “settle” into the ground. But if it settles unevenly due to badly-done concrete footing, it can cause cracks in your walls and columns. This can cost a lot, and even put you and your building’s inhabitants at risk, in the long run.


Spread, isolated, or pad footing

Strap footing

Combined Footing

Strip or Continuous Footing

Mat or Raft Footing


The type of concrete footing your structure will require depends on many factors. The size, the type of structure, the kind of ground it will be built on – these are just some of the things that need to be considered when designing your concrete footing plan.

Installing concrete footing is a complicated job, but we at Concept Concrete can make it easier. We’ll take over all your concrete footing needs, from start to finish. Our services include:
Assessing your soil type and slopes

Designing concrete footing plans
Laying and concreting of foundation footings
Leave your concrete footing to the professionals.

Concept Concrete can assess your land area and building requirements, and create a custom concrete footing plan just for you. We put a premium on your safety, so all of our concrete footings follow Australian codes and regulations. We use only high-grade materials and experienced professionals. We guarantee that you will feel safe and confident in any building with Concrete Concept footing.

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