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The top advantages of seamless Epoxy floors

The Top Advantages Of Seamless Epoxy Floors

Seamless epoxy is a commonly used coating used for industrial and commercial flooring. Epoxy coatings

 Seamless epoxy is a commonly used coating used for industrial and commercial flooring. Epoxy coatings are usually applied on concrete flooring to provide customers with a smooth, durable and high-performance surface to withstand heavy loads and are long-lasting. Many commercial buildings, warehouses, and industrial locations have epoxy floors as they are generally the best suited for keeping clean and maintaining a safe environment for workers, inventory, and equipment.

Preparation For Epoxy Floor Coatings 

The surface required for epoxy coating must be somewhat porous and clean, as the epoxy may not bond on a polished or sealed concrete. The concrete must be completely cured, and before adding the epoxy floor coating all chips and significant cracks in the concrete surface must be repaired. The concrete floor must also be grease-free.

Epoxy Primer

In case of an old concrete floor, the surface must be examined to see if there are any traces of previously applied epoxy or products that were applied throughout the years. A little bit of water can be poured onto the floor to test for any signs of sealant. If the water is not soaking into the floor and water beads remain on the surface, it means the floor has been sealed and is not suitable for applying an epoxy coating. Before the epoxy coating is applied, the temperature must be appropriate, and manufacturer’s recommendations must be followed carefully. Temperatures which are not suitable may cause the epoxy to make bubbles and peel. Epoxy coating is a two-part liquid which is mixed together before being applied. Once the liquids are mixed, they must be applied quickly before the epoxy coating starts to harden.

Epoxy Primer 

You may need to apply a primer and finisher coat, depending on the product you’re choosing to add. Primer is usually added the same way as paint and must be allowed to settle for a few hours before the epoxy goes on.

Advantages Of Applying Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings have several advantages when compared to other customary coatings that are applied over concrete flooring.

  • Creating a high-gloss and shiny surface that can considerably intensify the brightness of your interior areas.
  • Provides a heavy-duty and strong surface which can withstand hefty and constant traffic.
  • It is a quick and easy application method which requires no special tools, layout or cutting of extra adhesives.
  • Easy to clean and highly durable surface.
  • An excellent option for industrial companies or warehouses.
  • Advantages of applying Epoxy coatings


  • It is oil and water-resistant.
  • Provides a seamless, long-lasting surface.
  • Can be combined with colors and paints to disguise chips and cracks.
  • Offers a chemical-resistant surface which is suitable for manufacturing plants.
  • Provides extra safety when the surface has anti-slip additives.
  • Can be applied in unique patterns to form visible driveways and isolate walkable areas.
  • Provides prevention against wear and tear on your existing concrete flooring.
  • Can be compatible with self-leveling products which can be applied over existing or new concrete, depending on the product you choose.
  • An Epoxy-coated floor requires very little or no significant maintenance.


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