Concrete Extensions

Need a concrete extension for your home? Look no further than Perth's best Concreters!

Adding living space to your home or building doesn’t have to be a large-scale, costly renovation. While you can definitely opt for a home extension, there are much easier ways to get similar results. Consider concrete extensions when you’re planning to redesign your home.


What are extensions?

Not to be confused with home extensions, regular extensions are simple ways to add more room and value to your home. Extensions are often not part of the main structure; instead, they extend from the home or building and out into the yard. You won’t get additional bedrooms or home offices from extensions, but you will get extra areas for relaxing and recreation.


Concrete extensions for your home

There are many different kinds of extensions, and which one is best for your remodelling project depends on many factors. There are extensions for every style, budget, and level of complexity.


Porches are small extensions attached to your main house. They can be in the front, back or side, as long as they are connected to an entryway. They are usually covered to provide protection from the rain or snow so that you can enjoy your extra living space all year round. They can be enclosed in screens or glass, but they’re usually left open at the sides so you can enjoy the fresh air.


Patios are often confused with porches, but they’re actually very different in the design and construction world. A patio is also an addition to your outdoor space, except it can be either attached or detached from your main house. It’s has a paved or hard-scaped flooring at ground-level, and can be covered with either an extension from the home or a tent. Patios become even more functional once decorated with outdoor furniture – for an al fresco dining area or to entertain guests. It’s usually much larger than a porch, but also easier and cheaper to install.


If you want to extend any of your upper floors, a balcony is a good choice. Balconies are platforms that extend outside of a building or home and give you additional outside room. These are usually rather small, fitting two or three people at a time, but can also be extended to fit more with additional supports. They are enclosed by a railing made of metal, glass, or other materials to protect you from falling over. Balconies can help bring fresh air and light into your higher-level rooms naturally.


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