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If you’re building a large superstructure like a shopping complex or a high-rise skyscraper, you’ll need a much more solid foundation support than most other structures. Concrete piles are used in the construction of buildings with very heavy loads or when the soil is too weak to be able to support the weight of the building on its own. When this is the case, loads need to be transferred to deeper soil layers that can handle the weight through the use of concrete piles.

What are construction piles?
Construction piles are long columns made out of a strong material (usually wood, steel, or concrete) that are pushed deep into the ground to act as a foundational support. Compared to footings, piles can handle a much heavier load and thus are more commonly used with commercial structures like condos and multi-storey buildings.

Why use concrete for construction piles?
Before advancements in the construction industry, wood was the most common material used in construction piling. However, this came with many disadvantages: you needed to find exceptionally straight trees, and you couldn’t make longer piles.

Concrete piles are incredibly sturdy and can handle incredibly heavy loads. They are also less prone to corrosion than steel piles, so they are perfect for sites with corrosive soil. Concrete piles can also be much more cost-effective and efficient than other materials.

Piles can either be prefabricated before driven into the ground or cast-in-situ. The kind of piles you will need for your structure depends on the budget, load-bearing requirements, and the quality of the soil.

Cast-in-Place Concrete Piles

Also termed “cast-in-situ,” cast-in-place concrete piles are cast directly into the ground at the time of construction. First, steel tube casings which act as a mould for the concrete will be hammered into the ground. After the soil is removed and a reinforcement is placed, the concrete is poured into the tube and allowed to dry.

Precast Concrete Piles

These types of piles are made before being driven into the ground via hammering. Since they are already prefabricated before construction, it can save time and money. These are built to withstand very heavy loads, can come in a variety of lengths, and are an economical choice for the budget-minded.

Concept Concrete has years of experience in concrete piling. You can trust that our piles are carefully designed to ensure that your structure is properly supported without any material waste. We are knowledgeable in the latest concrete piling methodologies and technologies, which saves you both time and money during construction.


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