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4 Types of lightweight decorative overlays for concrete surfaces

4 Types Of Lightweight Decorative Overlays For Concrete Surfaces

Concrete overlays are thin layers of colored concrete cement-based products which are applied over existing concrete slabs for reparative or decorative purposes. They can be applied as a thin finish of ¾ inches, depending on the required finish. Concrete overlays should not be applied over cracked or damaged concrete slabs. Surface preparation and crack repairs are essential when you’re looking to install concrete overlays that will last long-term.

  • Deep Texture Stamped Concrete Overlays

Stamped concrete overlays can resemble a selection of materials such as cut stone, cobblestone, tile, slate, etc. Stamped concrete overlays are an excellent choice for concrete extensions such as patios, pool decks or driveways or any other concrete areas which are in need of resurfacing.

Deep Texture Stamped Concrete Overlays

  • Knockdown Overlays With A Light Texture

This application can be applied with a trowel, or a spray cement coating can be added for creating a knockdown texture for either exterior or interior concrete surfaces. This contributes to a non-skid cement surface, and typical areas where this is incorporated include patios, pool decks, driveways and walkways for both commercial and residential projects. They are formulated for providing excellent bonding to existing or new concrete surfaces including areas with thawing or freezing climates. Floor staining can be added to acquire a specific look.

  • Thin Concrete Overlay

This application is sprayable or can be added with a trowel. It consists of a cementitious coating which is suitable for exterior and interior concrete surfaces. A multitude of textures is obtainable including euro-stone, bubble texture, trowel down, wet bubble, stencil patterns, etc. Each design offers a non-skid cement surface, and typical areas of application include patios, walkways, driveways, pool decks and are used for either commercial or residential projects. It can be used as a bonding agent to existing or new concrete surfaces and are suitable for areas with freeze-thaw climates.

  • Broomed Concrete Overlay

Broom finish overlays are cementitious coatings which can be sprayed or applied with a squeegee or trowel. It is designed for re-texturing and leveling purposes for both exterior and interior concrete surfaces. When broomed, it produces a texture which is mimicking freshly poured and broomed concrete.

Broomed Concrete Overlay

Usual areas where this application is suitable for heavily trafficked areas that include sidewalks, parking decks, driveways, storefront entryways, parking lots or any horizontal concrete areas which are spalled or in need of repair. The base coat is added with a squeegee and then broomed. The surface is non-slip and ready to be sealed to provide a barrier against staining. It is an excellent bonding agent for existing concrete areas in freeze-thaw climates.


Regardless of whether the above-mentioned applications are used indoors or outdoors, any concrete floor can be upgraded to attain a finished floor area by using these decorative concrete overlays. Decorative horizontal concrete overlays are available in grey or white cement, dual or self-bonding components and you can have the choice of how thick or thin you would like the layers to be applied. White concrete overlays are ideal for more vibrant or brighter palates, and the grey ones should be used for a more in-depth or richer finish.


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