Concrete Formwork

Concrete Formwork Experts in Perth, WA

Formwork is one of the unsung heroes of construction. It’s considered ancillary work, which means that it’s not used in the final building itself, but in the construction of the supports and structures. Solid formwork is one of the most crucial components of a safe and well-constructed building.

What is formwork?

When you’re creating columns, beams, and other support structures out of concrete, you need to somehow form it into the desired size and shape. Formwork is a mould, usually temporary, that you can pour concrete into. It allows the wet concrete to dry into specific dimensions until it’s strong enough to support itself.

Formwork (also known as shuttering) can be made out of wood, steel, aluminium, plastic, precast concrete, and other materials. It’s used in all types of construction projects, big and small. A professional crew can easily erect simple formwork in just a few hours, and disassemble it in less than a week.

Good formwork requirements

  • Can handle both live and dead loads
  • Can produce your desired shape and surface finish
  • Is efficiently propped horizontally and vertically, retaining its shape
  • Is set accurately to the desired line
  • Is easily removable at various points and in desired sequences without damaging the concrete
  • Is as lightweight as possible
  • Does not warp or distort even when exposed to outside elements like moisture or heat
  • Rests on a firm base


We use different kinds of formwork at Concept Concrete, depending on what your structure requires.


Wood formwork construction is a combination of timber and a special grade of water-resistant plywood. These are constructed onsite and can be done according to your structure’s specifications. The materials are easy to source and a significant amount of concrete can be poured at once, which makes it an incredibly cost-effective option.


Reinforced with glass, plastic formworks are a reusable, modular system that can be assembled prior to construction. These work best with simple concrete and repetitive structures, like mass housing. These aren’t as versatile as timber since they need to be pre-fabricated, but they can be used to create complicated concrete shapes.


Steel formwork is the strongest and most durable of the bunch. These are made out of thin steel plates held together with bolts in nuts. They can be made into any size or shape, making them perfect for circular or curved structures. They are also great for large-scale products where reusability is important.


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